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The Secret To Toning Your Butt Effortlessly. 2 of 3

In the second part, we’re looking to increase the control and strength of the butt muscles in a functional upright position which should then help to integrate the glute muscles to work when you’re upright on two feet (when they should be working).

The demands on the glutes are a little harder with bigger ranges of motion and more balance needed.  If you don’t feel it hitting the right spot as explained in the video,  slow the movement down and hold onto something for more stability.  If you still can’t get it working the right place, then go back to the previous video and make sure you’re getting good activation in that exercise.
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The Secret To Toning Your Butt Effortlessly. 1 of 3

This is the first of a 3 part mini series into glute activation.
Most women with nice butts get them effortlessly.  No need for rigorous gym routines, they just stay toned with a great shape to them….. But why?
The reason for this is that their glutes (butt muscles) are active all day every day.  Not just when they’re doing their butt workout at the gym.
Your glutes should be working with every step,
The exercises in this series are designed to activate the glutes and to get them working functionally so the butt muscles work with every step you take.
Yes, you’ll be getting a toned butt as you shop!
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No1 Reason Your Butt Doesn’t Tone Up.

Quad dominance…….

Most women I doing moves which are designed to hit the butt, are actually reinforcing compensations which lead to the quads and possibly the hamstrings working but not the butt.

This results in nicely tones legs but no shape or tone to the butt (glutes).

When doing an exercise designed for your butt/ glutes you should feel it right in the butt/ glutes. Not below in the hamstrings and quads, and not above in the low back. Yet these two places are where most women feel doing the work during exercises such as squats.

I see poor technique and compensations all the time. Especially in exercises such as squats.












If you feel mainly your quads or low back working during squats then you need to stop doing them now if you ever want to achieve a nicely toned butt.
All you are currently doing is further switching your glutes off in favour of your already toned quads and tight low back. You’re training and reinforcing your body to move without the use of your glutes….. A very bad idea unless you’re after a sagging shapeless behind.

This will also have ramifications for your abs too!

If you feel the exercise working primarily the glutes, then fine, your body is working well, your technique is ok and you will get benefit from the exercise.

If you haven’t done so far, go back and watch my video on My No1 Best Way To Get Your Butt Muscles Activated by clicking here.
This is a much easier way of activating the glutes if you’re struggling to do so with your squats.

Starting next week I’m going to run a mini series on how to get your glutes (your butt muscles) to activate and start toning up.


Beach Volleyball Butt

Do beach volley ball players go to the gym wanting a nice butt?

The answer is, probably not… so why do they all have them?

Simple….. it’s because of the SAID principle.

This is a principle we use all the time in the conditioning industry, yet it passes many coaches minds when it actually comes to implementing an exercise.

It stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands, and basically means, that your body adapts to what you do to it.

So watch the clip and see what types of movement the beach volley ball players are doing, because their butts are adapting to the demands of beach volley ball.

……Or….. watch the clip and see if their movements replicate what you’re doing in the gym in the quest for a great butt.

One thing you don’t see them doing is lying on their side lifting their legs up in the air, or doing an impression of a dog relieving itself against a tree.











Nor do you see them on machines….









They’re upright and explosive.  This is the reason we evolved these muscles in the first place.











This article is really about shifting your consciousness away from mainstream ideas based on isolated muscle building, towards what really matters when it comes to building the perfect butt.

For those that haven’t read my post last week, click the link here:

I want you to do this exercise a few times this week and see if you start to feel the glutes activating.

Try doing 3 sets of 10 reps each day.

You should feel the activation taking place right in the glutes (big butt muscles).  If you feel it below your sitting bones, then you’re not getting it correctly.

You may feel a little sore in the area the next day or so.  This is an indication that it’s working.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to add to this movement and really get your butt to begin to shape up and begin to adapt.  The exercise in the previous link is the starting point.

If you have don’t feel it working let me know and I’ll get you the advice you need to get it to work.


Why Tennis Players Have Great Butts And You Don’t!

Tennis players have great butts because of the nature of their sport and the demands it has on their bodies.

Tennis requires a lot of short burst, powerful multidirectional movements.  Joints go through large ranges of motion and generate a lot of force.  This is the key to getting muscles to activate and tone up.

The biggest point though is that the muscles get stimulated by lengthening first.  The muscles load, then explode, much like an elastic band.  This is key to activation, and also maintaining the spring ability and health of the tissue.
For a muscle to tone up it needs stimulus.  All skeletal muscles are made of the stuff…. if your thighs can tone up, so too can your butt.  The problem lies with the fact that your workout isn’t getting load (lengthening) and activation into these tissues if you have a weak butt with no shape.

Watch a game of tennis, think about the movement that they’re doing on the court and then look and see if any of the exercises you’re doing in your routine match those movements and demands.
If not, you know you might need to change your routine if you want the butt your desire to have.

“Butt” don’t fear, it’s never too late to start building a fantastic butt.  Stay tuned and I’ll run a butt activation exercise series over the coming weeks to get yours in great shape for the christmas parties!


My No1 Best Way To Get Your Butt Muscles Activated.

Most women’s butt’s are asleep when they’re working out.
By this I mean that the brain doesn’t engage them to work.
How does this effect your glute tone?
This leads to the big glute muscles not being activated and worked out.
When they don’t get engaged, they don’t get used when they should like when you’re running or lifting weights.  This leads to them becoming weak and out of shape.
You can do something to activate your glutes pre workout?
This simple pre workout routine can get your butt fired up so it’s more active throughout your workout and gets in better shape.
By getting the glutes working, they become more active in every movement you do as they should do naturally.
If you’re doing the exercise correct, you should feel the glutes (big butt muscles) activating as you’re doing the exercises.

Don’t make this crucial mistake in the gym like most women do!

Women are making this crucial mistake all around the world in every gym!!

In the attempt to make them selves look more attractive, they’re actually doing the opposite with these exercises….

….So you want to be more attractive to men??

When studying anything, it’s always best to look at the traits of the best in the field.

If you want to play better tennis, study Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova,  if you want to be rich, study Donald Trump or Richard Branson, and if you want to turn men on who better to study than Shakira and Beyonce?

Watch the video above and you’ll see them demonstrating their abilities to move their pelvis and spine with unbelievable range of motion, control and coordination.  This all takes strength, mobility and skill and needs to be practiced and trained for.

The pelvic region is linked to sexuality… 

Movement is related to health, and health in this reason signifies good fertility and sexual ability, therefore good movement in this area displays good sexual health

At puberty, girls transform into women.  The pelvic girdle starts to widen and this side to side motion of the hips when walking becomes morel prominent.  This is the major reason it’s deemed sexy… it’s sexual attraction based on primitive coding of the need to procreate.  A subconscious urge which keeps a species from going extinct.  

This can be seen when you’re dancing or moving.  Clues are also giving away by the way that you walk which is why pelvic motion on the catwalk is exaggerated and deemed as sexy.

The question is, are you training these key abilities in the gym.

Most people these days just train strength in limited ranges of motion or on machines which provide all the stability.  Your body only knows how to control the movements that you do habitually and train.   You can’t sit at a desk all day, then go to the gym, do some leg press’s on a machine, maybe a bit on the adductor and abductor machine, and then expect your pelvis to have some good 3 dimensional movement that it can use with balance and control.  

The end result is a pelvis which doesn’t move well and turns men off.

To get a pelvis moving like Beyonce and Shakira, you must be taking the pelvis through those ranges of motion in an upright position, training the range, strength and skill into you tissues and nervous system (control system).


Monkey does push ups and sit ups

Hey, this is an edited excerpt from the up and coming ebook I’m writing.   It’s one of the more controversial view points I have in the book but I wanted to share it with you to get your thoughts flowing with regards to what you’re doing doing to your bodies in the gym….

…So you watched the monkey in the video above doing push ups and sit ups…
Did you laugh or find it funny… I did?

But ask yourself why…..
….It’s not natural for a monkey to be doing those movements is it? So it looks quite funny… Monkeys don’t do push ups and sit ups because they don’t need to. They get strong and flexible by swinging in trees, running on 4 limbs, climbing….. doing monkey movements.
If this monkey carried on doing these exercises, do you think she would be better at “monkey movements?”… I doubt it very much. When does a monkey need to do a push up or a sit up. Very rarely if ever! A monkey gets it’s shape and balance of structure through being a monkey and moving like a monkey.

If she sat around all day and didn’t climb or swing from trees, then three or four times a week she went down the gym and did few sets of push ups and sit ups, do you think she would take a good shape like the other monkeys swinging in the trees and climbing?…. the ones doing movements that their body has evolved to do?

Do you think she may get imbalances, restrictions and injuries if she carried on doing these artificial movements that she wasn’t designed to do?  What if she had to go back to climbing and swinging in the trees, the very movements that shaped her in the first place….. do you think she would be better or worse at climbing and swinging about?

Do you think she would be the Monkey that all the other males desired, with all her imbalances, restrictions and inability to swing through the trees with as much grace like all the other monkey’s?

Are you getting my point? You may laugh at this video but I laugh when I go into gyms and see “human animals” training their natural movement out of themselves.

I’d be interested in your views.




Hot Crazy Axis


This guy is hilarious!…. I first saw this video a month or so ago and it had me in tears.
I wasn’t going to put it on here but my female friends were daring me to so I caved in the end.
Would love to get your opinions and thoughts on the video…. especially from the red heads and the Tiffany’s amongst you 😉
Also you opinions on the male version of the matrix which is at the end.

How to make your butt workout more effective

This post is about getting the foot more mobile in order for your butt to switch on better.

In order for the big glute muscles to activate, they must first lengthen and ‘switch on’.
The foot is the bottom part of this chain reaction when we’re standing upright.  Therefore the foot is like a switch,  turning the glutes on because it initiates the motion up through the leg when it collapses under load.
When the foot is immobile or too weak, the foot doesn’t allow the correct motion to occur and the glutes  don’t get activated.
This leads to a butt with no tone and a less desirable shape.
Try the stretch/ mobilisations out in the video.  You should feel a stretch in the calf and around the feet.  If you do them correctly as shown, your feet should feel more mobile and lighter.
Try to do them before your work out and you’ll get more glute activation making your workout more effective (when doing exercises upright on your feet).