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The Ultimate Butt Routine….

Hey Guys,

quick video showing a routine you could do at home or in the gym… get ready for your sore behind :)


Change Beliefs… Change Your Body


Cool audio on how our beliefs control our DNA… That means that how you think can switch on fat burning genes or
switch off disease genes.


“I’m Too Fat”… Part 2

This 2 part video is a great insight into how the way we think about ourselves actually makes us fat.
I get all my clients to start daily ” questioning exercises” to weed out all the negative beliefs from
their ‘garden’.


Get Your POOP moving to lose weight…

One of my mentors Paul Chek.. very funny video but extremely important to flatten your belly.

Must read is his book How To Eat Move and Be Healthy…My Bible for staying in shape


Paul Chek on Spot Reducing

I have studied with Paul Chek for over 10 years. He is an amazing health
coach and doesn’t pull any punches. All my clients have to get his book
How To Eat Move And Be Healthy…
My Bible for staying in shape

Here Paul answers a question on if it possible to target one specific
area for weight loss.