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Monkey does push ups and sit ups

Hey, this is an edited excerpt from the up and coming ebook I’m writing.   It’s one of the more controversial view points I have in the book but I wanted to share it with you to get your thoughts flowing with regards to what you’re doing doing to your bodies in the gym….

…So you watched the monkey in the video above doing push ups and sit ups…
Did you laugh or find it funny… I did?

But ask yourself why…..
….It’s not natural for a monkey to be doing those movements is it? So it looks quite funny… Monkeys don’t do push ups and sit ups because they don’t need to. They get strong and flexible by swinging in trees, running on 4 limbs, climbing….. doing monkey movements.
If this monkey carried on doing these exercises, do you think she would be better at “monkey movements?”… I doubt it very much. When does a monkey need to do a push up or a sit up. Very rarely if ever! A monkey gets it’s shape and balance of structure through being a monkey and moving like a monkey.

If she sat around all day and didn’t climb or swing from trees, then three or four times a week she went down the gym and did few sets of push ups and sit ups, do you think she would take a good shape like the other monkeys swinging in the trees and climbing?…. the ones doing movements that their body has evolved to do?

Do you think she may get imbalances, restrictions and injuries if she carried on doing these artificial movements that she wasn’t designed to do?  What if she had to go back to climbing and swinging in the trees, the very movements that shaped her in the first place….. do you think she would be better or worse at climbing and swinging about?

Do you think she would be the Monkey that all the other males desired, with all her imbalances, restrictions and inability to swing through the trees with as much grace like all the other monkey’s?

Are you getting my point? You may laugh at this video but I laugh when I go into gyms and see “human animals” training their natural movement out of themselves.

I’d be interested in your views.




Hot Crazy Axis


This guy is hilarious!…. I first saw this video a month or so ago and it had me in tears.
I wasn’t going to put it on here but my female friends were daring me to so I caved in the end.
Would love to get your opinions and thoughts on the video…. especially from the red heads and the Tiffany’s amongst you 😉
Also you opinions on the male version of the matrix which is at the end.

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Hey Guys,

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I get all my clients to start daily ” questioning exercises” to weed out all the negative beliefs from
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Paul Chek on Spot Reducing

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How To Eat Move And Be Healthy…
My Bible for staying in shape

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